Sustainability at Montessori House

At Montessori House we believe that we all have a responsibility to build a sustainable future and will contribute as school with growing our own vegetables, providing a healthy, well-balanced, organic diet and working towards the aim of avoiding the production of any waste at our school. 

We are happy that at Montessori House we are able to have our own vegetable garden. Our children will plant and do some gardening on a daily basis as part of the Montessori Curriculum. Vegetables that we grow will of course be harvested and used in our Green Canteen.
Our own Organic Vegetable Garden
Our Green Canteen
Offering delicious organic food at Montessori House is really essential and important to us. Our Green Canteen is staffed by a professional cook, helped on a daily basis by our little chefs, who will enjoy cooking as part of their learning experience.
Zero Waste School
At Montessori House we want to make a difference. We will take the Zero Waste Challenge, a world-wide movement that aims at avoiding the production of any waste. A school is a perfect start, since we can order large quantities and pick up produce from local farms and shops in reusable crates.