Montessori House

Montessori House was founded in 2014 with the aim to offer a respectful, Montessori learning environment. After a lot of research, resilient work and thorough organisation, our efforts are being rewarded with the opening of the first Montessori Children’s House in Alicante.


«Comfort lay in the fact that they had opened the Montessori school in Cataca at that time, whose teachers stimulated all five senses with practical exercises and they taught singing. Studying was something so wonderful as pretending to be alive… I do not think there is any method better than the Montessori one in order to raise awareness amongst children about the beauties which can be found in the world and awakening their curiosity about life’s secrets.»

Vivir para contarla, Gabriel García Márquez

The importance of the environment, educating the senses and acting freely with discipline

Children enjoy the richly prepared Montessori environment, which allows them to develop at their own pace, progressing through the thoughtfully laid out activities as they go along. Effortlessly children will accomplish their work and will take pride in their own achievements.

Sensory education starts at birth but the child starts to become fascinated about sensory experiences (hearing, smell, taste and touch) from the age of two onwards. It is especially important to carry out exercises in order to develop sensory awareness from the moment of birth up to the age of six since it is during this period when the nervous system is developing.


Patricia Doria

Trained by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) “at the Maria Montessori Institute” in London, UK. Qualified Early Childhood teacher. Specialized in emotional education.

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Ami children´s house directress and assistant manager (in education)

Trained by the International Montessori Institute (IMI) in Girona, Spain. Qualified Early Childhood teacher.

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IMI children´s house directress profesora
Virginia Abellán
Marina Rodríguez

Violin teacher specialized in the “Suzuki Method”, recognized by the European Suzuki Association. Diploma in musical teaching, University of Alicante, Spain.

Suzuki violin teacher
Marta Jimeno
Assistant teacher

Transpersonal Psychology studies.
Meditation, Yoga, emotional intelligence.

Emily T. Fernandez
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Native english AMI children´s house assistant
Dervla Mc Guigan 
Qualified Early childhood teacher

Diploma of Early Childhood & Primary Education from Montessori World Educational institute (MWEI) Australia.

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