Maria Montessori says

«The child, with its enormous physical and intellectual potential, is a miracle compared to us. Parents, teachers and everybody who is interested in children should be aware of this, because education from the earliest age could greatly change society’s both present and future»​

Montessori educational theory

This educational scientific theory takes into account the emotional, psychological and academic needs in each stage of the child’s development.

Multilingual education

Children are taught in English and Spanish.
We also offer other languages in the classroom.

Ideal facilities for learning

Bright classrooms open up to a spacious garden with a sandpit, tennis court and swimming pool.

Music education

Our pupils receive violin classes several times a week, depending on their age and progress.

Healthy environment

Our school is a WiFi-free zone. Our classrooms feature certified eco-friendly wooden floors, hand-crafted and untreated solid pine furniture and green plants to improve the air.

Organic food

We offer a well-balanced diet made from the best organic ingredients, all dishes are being freshly prepared in our kitchen. The children help making bread and preparing the lunches.


Once a week, children enjoy a yoga class in the afternoon. Creative play, mantras, relaxation and meditation.

Within the child lies the fate of the future

«It is clear that human society should look after children in the most sapient and perfect way possible in order to receive, in this way, more energy and greater possibilities for the humanity of the future»

Dra. Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori